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All about dog training in french

Do you know how to effectively train your dog ?

Do you know how to treat basic health problems of your dog ?

Do you know how to deal with a dog having obedience problems ?

“Dressage Chien” is a blog specializing in dog training advice in french.

You will find on the french site:

  • Understanding the psychology of a dog (this is important to know before being able to have an impact on your dog’s behavior)
  • How to train a puppy, but also a dog, the basic commands (sit down, …)
  • Other highly effective dog training methods,
  • Dog obedience training tutorials,
  • The right use of dog collars and why electronic collars can be dangerous for your dog and your dog training if not choosen and used properly,
  • Avoid risk of premature disease related to inappropriate dog food – what you have absolutely to avoid,
  • The secrets that the dog food industry will never tell you, but which you should know,
  • Advice for handling dog health problems, using natural medication and avoiding costly visits at the vet
  • Reviews of products and accessories for dogs (dog collars, electric collars, crates and a lot more),
  • Related news concerning dogs
  • Funny dog videos – they can make us laugh so often
  • … and much more.


Here are the translations (english – french) of the essential terms relating to dog training as well as dog health issues and their respective links to the french posts:

dog training – dressage chien, dressage de chiens

obedience training – éducation de comportement

dog education – éducation de chien

dog collar – collier pour chiens

electric collar – collier électrique

anti-bark collar – collier anti-aboiement

socialize a dog – socialiser un chien

dog health – santé du chien

dog psychology – psychologie du chien


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